QuantLase Lab Develops Technology for Ultrafast Mass Screenings of COVID-19

About the Lab

QuantLase Lab, a subsidiary of International Holdings Company (IHC) in Abu Dhabi, is a research and innovation laboratory focused on developing sustainable solutions for the UAE community. The research contributes to the realization of the UAE 2021 vision where innovation, science, research, and technology form the basis of a productive and competitive knowledge-based economy.

QuantLase Lab’s work spans the spectrum from medical innovation to research, with focus on the recent developments in countering the COVID-19 pandemic. Its latest innovation introduces rapid coronavirus laser testing technology, a scientific breakthrough using an appealing and user-friendly technique called the Diffractive Phase Interferometry (DPI); compared to other tests, DPI is able to give a signature of the infection within a few seconds. The research is solidly based on deformational changes in cell structure of the virus-infected blood.

Ultrafast Probing of Virus - Based on DPI

Al Ain 019 Invention

Fast detection of COVID-19 has become a crucial tool in the fight against the virus worldwide. QuantLase Lab’s latest invention, Al Ain 019, gives test results within seconds, enabling much faster screenings and testing on a wider scale. Using a CMOS detector, this breakthrough’s ability in ‘mass-scale screening’ will change the whole dimension of tracing, and the speed with which masses can be approached.

In terms of early stage detection, Al Ain 019’s laser-based DPI [Diffractive Phase Interferometry] technique is capable of detecting a viral infection as soon as the blood cell gets infected. Furthermore, the advanced artificial intelligence (AI) image-analysis model used in the diagnostic system predicts the outcome of each image with precision, speed and scale.

As of May 2020, Al Ain 019 has already been used to conduct more than 6,000 tests, with 85 to 90 percent accuracy.

The QuantLase Lab Research Team

Dr. Pramod Kumar

Research Team Leader at QuantLase Lab

Dr. Pramod Kumar heads the research team at QuantLase Lab. His research interests are in the field of ultrafast non-linear photonics covering various fundamental and applicative aspects, in particular the understanding, control and utilization of ultrashort pulse to probe spatio-temporal complex non-linear dynamical behaviour determining the performance of non-linear photonics devices like Photonic Integrated Circuit on the chip scale, diode laser with ultra-short laser pulse injection, optical parametric oscillators, delay-coupled diode lasers system, and nanostructures of semiconductors. Dr. Kumar’s focus is on the study and coherent manipulation of light through photonic structures. Moreover, he has been working on tailoring a non-deterministic white chaotic entropy source based on Optical Perturbative Interferometry for the QKD applications.

Dr. Mohammad Firoz Khan

Experimental Quantum Physicist

Dr. Mohammad Firoz Khan is an Experimental Quantum Physicist. He has extensive knowledge in the field of microscopy and spectroscopy (i.e. florescence correlation spectroscopy, single lab microscopy, and ultrafast fluorescence spectroscopy). He has a Bachelor of Science in Physics from Aligarh Muslim University, and a PhD in Philosophy from Jawaharlal Nehru University in India.

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QuantLase Lab, a subsidiary of International Holdings Company (IHC) in Abu Dhabi, is a research and innovation laboratory focused on developing sustainable solutions for the UAE community.

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